Baseball Coaches

Jarrett Guthrie
(813) 951-6865
Twitter: @JGuthrieTAMPA
Baseball Coaches,
            I wanted to
reach out to you as things begin to ramp up for the high school baseball
            In 2017, I
enjoyed helping 620WDAE’s Jay Recher as he tried to at the very least, get
scores out every Wednesday and Friday mornings on his blog. And at the end of
the last baseball season, I quietly launched, and was thrilled at
the response I got in the final three weeks of the regular season and the
            In 2018, we
are looking forward to bringing you great coverage of high school baseball all
season long. Although we are still a small operation, we do have a group people
who will be joining the team as writers this season, which we are very excited
            That brings
me to you the coaches, because I can’t do this site without your support. There
are already many of you, a number of your assistant coaches, athletic
directors, parents, and former coaches, who keep in contact with me and I
appreciate that greatly.
            I have
included my cell number, e-mail address, and @Twitter at the top and encourage
you to reach out as often as you want. If you use MaxPreps, or GameChanger, or
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, or any other service to update stats and player
info let me know. And if that’s where you want to stop, I get it. You have an
often-thankless job, which stipends or salaries don’t even begin to cover and
if you don’t have the extra time to call me, those online resources will give
me a good starting point.
            Last season
(and the Saladino Tournament is a big help with this) I saw more than 50 HS
baseball games, and that is probably a low estimate. I admit, I didn’t see
every team in person but I make a concerted effort to talk to coaches, umpires,
scouts and other sources to get the most info I can.
            This is the
crucial part: as hard as I may try, I will miss things, miss kids, and miss
great moments. But I promise you, I WANT to tell those stories. I want to share
your players’ triumphs and hard work with an audience I believe wants to read
or hear about them.
            My plan is
to attend games every Tuesday and Thursday during the regular season and as
many Friday and Saturday games as I can. Unlike last year (both on Jay Recher’s
blog and our own site), I will not be doing in-depth round-ups on multiple
games we are not at. However, I hope to run at least a line score (preferably a
box score) for every game so if you want to text or e-mail after the game, that
would be great. Though, if you have a player with an exceptional performance I
would happily add a paragraph on the night of to our regular coverage.
I am planning on doing a Top 10
Rankings list each week (probably on Monday), a weekly Top Performers list, and
a bi-weekly notes package. These are the perfect chances to get in stuff that
isn’t necessarily a big blown up feature story, but little tidbits. If you have
a freshman collect his first hit, his first strike out on the mound, I want to
hear about it. If you have a milestone you, a player or your team is
approaching, let me know. As I did last season, I will do post-season coverage
and an All-813 Baseball Team, as well as other exciting things throughout the
            As I said,
I’m hoping to have some help covering games this season from some volunteers
and I would appreciate if they attend one of your games, you afford them every
courtesy you would any other member of the working press.
you will find a quick information sheet that will help 813Preps with its
preseason breakdowns and plan our coverage in the early weeks of the season. I
hope to hear from many of you, and I am looking forward to seeing what you and
your players accomplish this season.
Thanks for your time and good luck in 2018!
Jarrett Guthrie