Hillsborough County high school sports fans,
For a long time there was an old shout from the dugout to a hitter as they dusted themselves off, having slid into second after roping a double.
“You got your name in the paper,” the coach would yell.
Those days have steadily disappeared as the landscape of local sports coverage has changed. The focus of newspapers in our community has all but eliminated the daily coverage of our kid’s athletic pursuits.
At 813Preps.com we wonder: Do you miss it?
My hope is that our site can earn a place in our community where we bring you the kind of coverage that properly reflects the efforts your kids put into their lives as student-athletes.
I’ve spent nearly two decades spent covering professional, college, and most importantly youth sports in the Tampa Bay area. 
I know we are getting a late start here in April of 2017, but please hang with us through this soft launch as we plan to get a more in-depth site launched this summer. The hope is to begin the fall of 2017 with expanded coverage including the following sports: Fall Sports (football, volleyball); Winter Sports (Boys & Girls Hoops); Spring Sports (Baseball, Softball). But we will also feature stories on Boys & Girls Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis and Flag Football.
813Preps.com believes that hard work deserves recognition and that youth sports are a passion for the whole family. We are hopeful we can become your favorite source for journalistic coverage of Hillsborough County High School Sports.  And we promise to give you our best efforts, in support of yours.
Thank you for joining us at 813Preps.com. I look forward to bringing you stories about the youth of this community.
Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Jarrett Guthrie, Editor