The 38th annual Tony Saladino Baseball Tournament is set to kick off with pool-play beginning on Saturday. Brandon High will once again serve as Tournament Headquarters, while Lennard, Jefferson and the University of Tampa will serve as satellite sites for the opening round.

Tournament Pools (and site locations)


The tournament will host 28 teams in seven brackets, and will condense down to Brandon High School for the quarterfinal, semifinal and championship final Wednesday-Friday.

Listed below is the tournament schedule.

Check back with daily as we will have live coverage throughout the event.

For the second-straight season, all of the Saladino Tournament games will be updated live through Game Changer at and the GameChanger app. Getting this all set up takes a lot of effort, so a big shout-out goes to TJ Messick for his efforts. To visit the Saladino Tournament GameChanger page, please click here. 


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