2018 All-Western Conference Baseball


Editor’s Note: The All-Western Conference teams are selected each year by area public school baseball coaches, and are split into three divisions base on geographic area. 

American Division

(Alonso, Blake, Gaither, Jefferson, Leto, Plant, Robinson, Sickles, Steinbrenner)


First Team
Jackson Alvord, C, Leto

Catcher: Jackson Alvord, Leto, senior

Pitcher: Franco Aleman, Alonso, senior
Pitcher: Christian Suarez, Leto, junior
First Base: Jorge Carrero, Leto, senior
Infielder: Dylan Eskew, Sickles, junior
Infielder: Javy Hernandez, Leto, junior
Dylan Eskew, IF, Sickles

Infielder: Orlando Arevalo, Gaither, senior

Outfielder: Jordan Lala, Steinbrenner, senior
Outfielder: AJ Mathis, Jefferson, senior
Outfielder: Robby Martin, Jefferson, senior
Utility/DH: Connor Scott, Plant, senior


Second Team


Robby Martin, OF, Jefferson

Catcher: Charlie Welch, Jefferson, senior

Pitcher: Michael Dominguez, Jefferson, junior
Pitcher: Chase Centala, Sickles, sophomore
First Base: Connor McTeer, Sickles, senior
Jordan Lala, OF, Steinbrenner

Infielder: Johnathan Santos, Leto, senior

Infielder:  Paul Jennewein, Robinson, sophomore
Infielder: Fernando Muniz, Leto, senior
Outfielder: Daniel Delgado, Steinbrenner, senior
Outfielder: Chase Volpi, Robinson, senior
Javy Hernandez, IF, Leto

Outfielder:  Joshua Cruz, Leto, senior

Utility/DH: Brock Fagler, Plant, senior
American Division Coach of the Year: JJ Pizzio, Leto


Federal Division
(Bloomingdale, Brandon, Durant, East Bay, Lennard, Newsome, Plant City, Riverview, Spoto)
Matt Byars, P, Durant

First Team

Catcher: Tyler McKenna, Newsome, junior
Pitcher: Matt Byars, Durant, senior
Pitcher: Parker Messick, Plant City, junior
Parker Messick, P/1B, Plant City

First Base: Jackson Hobbs, Bloomingdale, sophomore

Infielder: Auston Spires, Newsome, senior
Infielder: Yazael Nunez, Lennard, junior
Infielder: Reagan Jorgensen, Riverview, senior
Outfielder: Dominic Gonnella, Bloomingdale, sophomore
Jackson Hobbs, 1B, Bloomingdale

Outfielder: Dillon Besnier, Riverview, junior

Outfielder: Jermaine White, Brandon, senior
Utility/DH: Brendan Herrick, Lennard, junior
Second Team
Jermaine White, OF, Brandon

Catcher: Cameron Vigh, Riverview, junior

Pitcher: Zach DeVito, Newsome, sophomore
Pitcher: Edward Tarrant, Lennard, junior
First Base: Parker Messick, Plant City, junior
Infielder: Cade Shissler, Plant City, junior
Dominic Gonnella, OF, Bloomingdale

Infielder: Jett Davis, Bloomingdale, senior

Infielder: Adam Hunt, Riverview, junior
Outfielder: Bryce Hazzard, Bloomingdale, junior
Outfielder: Josh Costlow, Newsome, senior
Dillon Besnier, OF, Riverview

Outfielder: Zach Benson, Newsome, junior

Utility/DH: Nico Saladino, Bloomingdale, junior
Federal Division Coach of the Year: Dick Rohrberg, Newsome

National Division
(Armwood, Chamberlain, Freedom, Hillsborough, King, Middleton, Strawberry Crest, Tampa Bay Tech, Wharton)

Joey Parrillo, C, Strawberry Crest

First Team

Catcher: Joey Parrillo, Strawberry Crest, junior

Pitcher: Damien Torres, Strawberry Crest, senior

Pitcher: Brian Baughman, Wharton, junior

First Base: Derek Barone, Strawberry Crest, senior

Brain Baughman, P, Wharton

Infielder: Addison Barger, King, senior

Infielder: Duncan Pastore, Wharton, senior

Infielder: Jamarcus Lyons, King, senior

Outfielder: Justice Thompson, King, senior

Outfielder: Grady Maguire, Wharton, sophomore

Derek Barone, 1B, Strawberry Crest

Outfielder: Elyjah West, Hillsborough, senior

Utility/DH: Aaron Jensen, Hillsborough, senior

Second Team

Catcher: Hunter Kniskern, Freedom, senior

Pitcher: Hishaam Shafiq, King, senior

Aaron Jensen, Util, Hillsborough

Pitcher: Brayan Sanchez, Armwood, sophomore

First Base: Jaylen Crumity, Tampa Bay Tech, senior

Infielder: Leo Alfonzo, Wharton, senior

Infielder: Zach Ehrhard, Wharton, freshman

Infielder: Amaury Quinones, Armwood, sophomore

Justice Thompson, OF, King

Outfielder: Christian Tavarez, Armwood, junior

Outfielder: Eliel Martinez, Freedom, senior

Outfielder: Terence Doston, Hillsborough, junior

Utility/DH: Josiah Lara, Tampa Bay Tech, junior

National Division Coach of the Year: Scott Hoffman, Wharton