2018 All-Western Conference Softball


Editor’s Note: The All-Western Conference teams are selected each year by area public school softball coaches, and are split into three divisions base on geographic area. Coaches – if you would like to send us a headshot or action shot of any of the first team selections, we would be happy to add them to this post. email: jarrettguthrie@813preps.com

American Division

(Alonso, Blake, Gaither, Jefferson, Leto, Plant, Robinson, Sickles, Steinbrenner)
Taylor Brown, C, Sickles
(Photo provided)

First Team

Catcher: Taylor Brown, Sickles

Pitcher: Hailee DeCicco, Gaither

Pitcher: Jodi Handler, Alonso

First Base: Kristin Kopp, Alonso

Kristin Kopp, 1B, Alonso
(Photo by Grace Miguel)

Infielder: Megan Pierro, Steinbrenner

Infielder: Claire White, Robinson

Infielder: Katelyn Richards, Gaither

Outfielder: Lauren Lightbody, Sickles

Jodi Handler, P, Alonso (Photo by Grace Miguel)

Outfielder: Jordan Stephens, Robinson

Outfielder: Veronica Diaz, Alonso

Veronica Diaz, CF, Alonso
(Photo by Grace Miguel)

Utility/DH: Alexis Smith, Robinson

Second Team

Jordan Stephens, OF, Robinson
(Photo courtesy of Max Garcia)

Catcher: Stephanie Balmer, Steinbrenner

Pitcher: Cassidy Renninger, Robinson

Pitcher: Maddie Tomas, Sickles

First Base: Sydney Gillespie, Gaither

Infielder: Belle Sardja, Gaither

Infielder: Erin Hale, Alonso

Infielder: Grace Hastings-Wydetic, Plant

Outfielder: Kamryn Jackson, Sickles

Alexis Smith, UT, Robinson
(Photo courtesy of Max Garcia)

Outfielder: Sierra Carter, Sickles

Outfielder: Alyssa Gennaro, Gaither

Utility/DH: Destiny DeHoyos, Jefferson

Coach of the Year: Robin Kopp, Alonso

Claire White, IF, Robinson
(Photo courtesy of Max Garcia)

Lauren Lightbody, OF, Sickles

Federal Division 
(Bloomingdale, Brandon, Durant, East Bay, Lennard, Newsome, Plant City, Riverview, Spoto)

First Team

Catcher: Kaia LoPreste, Riverview

Pitcher: Ashley Blessin, Plant City

Pitcher: Sam Hampton, Durant

First Base: Maddie Droz, Bloomingdale

Infielder: Kailey Harrigan, Bloomingdale

Lindsey Harper, IF, Newsome
(Photo courtesy of Carol Bradbourne)

Infielder: Lindsey Harper, Newsome

Infielder: Rachel Kingrey, East Bay

Outfielder: Jocelin Beltran, East Bay

Outfielder: Bailee Leistl, Newsome

Outfielder: Jada Smallwood, Newsome

Utility/DH: Lexie Chevalier, Bloomingdale

Bailee Leistl, OF, Newsome
(Photo courtesy of Carol Bradbourne)

Second Team

Catcher: Beka Schulte, Plant City

Pitcher: Trinity Howard, Bloomingdale

Pitcher: Kaitlyn Felton, Newsome

First Base: McKayla Timmons, Newsome

Jada Smallwood, OF, Newsome
(Photo courtesy of Carol Bradbourne)

Infielder: Kayla Lissy, Durant

Infielder: Leah Zatkiewicz, Newsome

Infielder: Hollis Herald, Bloomingdale

Outfielder: Jordan Noble, Durant

Outfielder: Lexi Moore, Plant City

Outfielder: Abbie DeWeese, Plant City

Utility/DH: Karlie Reed, Durant

Coach of the Year: Autumn Dunn, Newsome

National Division
(Armwood, Chamberlain, Freedom, Hillsborough, King, Middleton, Strawberry Crest, Tampa Bay Tech, Wharton)

First Team

Madison Lewis, OF and
Haylie Corcho, C, Chamberlain.
(Photo by Heather VanLandingham)

Catcher: Haylie Corcho, Chamberlain

Pitcher: Gabby Vallee, Chamberlain

Pitcher: Shannon Maloney, Chamberlain

First Base: Abigail Vandeberg, Freedom

Infielder: Armana Ware, Chamberlain

Infielder: Taylor Finney, Strawberry Crest

Gabby Vallee, P, Chamberlain
(Photo courtesy of Shelby Trent)

Infielder: Aliyah Cortez, Armwood

Outfielder: Madison Lewis, Chamberlain

Outfielder: Jadyn Clark, Chamberlain

Outfielder: Chloe Lee, Wharton

Utility/DH: Lani Trent, Chamberlain

Second Team

Taylor Finney, SS/2B,
Strawberry Crest
(Photo courtesy of Scott Peak)

Catcher: Ellis Erickson, Freedom

Pitcher: Kristina Calixto, Freedom

Pitcher: Jillian Long, Wharton

First Base: Hannah Perkins, Wharton

Infielder: Delaney Holloway, Hillsborough

Infielder: Dallas O’Clair, Freedom

Shannon Maloney, SP,
(Photo by Heather VanLandingham)

Infielder: Tieley Vaughn, Wharton

Outfielder: Lexi Fox, Strawberry Crest

Outfielder: Lilly Kiester, Freedom

Outfielder: Alexandria Dixon, Wharton

Utility/DH: Emani Johnson, Hillsborough

Coach of the Year: Autum Hernandez, Freedom

Armana Ware, IF, and Jadyn Clark, OF
(Photo by Heather VanLandingham)