Robinson junior Emersyn Brown led all girls scorers on Thursday at Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club with an eight-over 44.

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King’s Aidan Bassett

TEMPLE TERRACE – Robinson’s boys golf team claimed its first team win of the season, defeating King 199-207 at Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, Thursday afternoon.

King’s Lucas Harz

Robinson (1-1) was led by Gage Ferris, who shot a 12-over 46, Christian Bulnes who turned in a 49, with Wade Ferris (50) and Matthew Montoya (52) rounding out the scoring.

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King (0-1) junior Lucas Harz finished with a team leading 45, ahead of teammates Aidan Bassett (51), Chan Park (54) and Noah King (57).

Playing individually, Tampa Bay Tech’s Zack Myers had the boys individual, low round for the match, finishing with a 44 and capping his round draining a 40-foot putt for par on the final hole.

King senior Ashley Birdsong works out of the sand trap in the Lions season opening round on Thursday. King claimed a forfeit win, but the Lions girls finished with a team score of 190.

The King girls claimed a forfeit win while shooting a team 190 as all four Lions scores finished their rounds in the 40s. Robinson only had three players on the day but did have a solid round from junior Emersyn Brown, who led all scorers with an 8-over, 44.

King senior Sarah Yo.

Senior Ashley Birdsong finished with a team-leading 46, Sarah Yo shot a 47, with Caitlin Buchanan carding a 48, and Lauren Sklet shooting a 49.

Brown led all scorers carding a handful of pars on the day, while teammate Julia Gerilla shot a 62, and Priya Sambamsvan finished at 60. Sambamscan, in her first year playing competitive golf, carded the first par of her career on the par-3, fourth hole.

Tampa Bay Tech’s Zack Myers had the boys low round of the match with a 44.

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