West Hillsborough team stands for the National Anthem prior to the combine game.

Hillsborough Co East-West Underclassmen Baseball Combine

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Alonso pitcher Sam Drumheller


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Jesuit catcher Cole Russo


Alonso’s Renzo Gonzalez


Wharton’s Grady Maguire



King’s Jaiden Underwood (left)                Plant catcher Reece Blanco (right)


Tampa Prep pitcher Colby Welch


Sickles shortstop Trey Bacon
King pitcher Zan Rose


Strawberry Crest OF Alex Mussenden makes a catch


Alonso IF Riley Morgado


King OF Jaiden Underwood makes a catch on the run



Robinson’s Ben Maskin
East Hillsborough coaches
Jesuit OF Jonathan Shoop (left)                           Plant City pitcher Tyler Dowdy (right)


Jeuit’s Cole Russo connects on a single


Lennard 2B Seth Gingrich (left)                                Leto pitcher Marcus Martinez (right


Strawberry Crest Alex Mussenden


West coach Landy Faedo talks with Steinbrenner’s Donovan Garcia and Plant City’s Tyler Dowdy


Seffner Christian pitcher Tommy Turkett


Sickles pitcher Carlos Rodriguez


Tampa Catholic’s Tony Watson



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