By Kip Kerrick, correspondent

TAMPA – On a chilly Spring night at Berkeley Prep the Buccaneers held off the Tampa Prep for a 4-1 victory.

Tampa Prep was on the board in the top of the first starting off with a single by Lucas Harman, who scored the only run for Terrapins.

From there, Berkeley Prep (3-1) took control in this meeting between Class 4A-District 4 opponents. In the bottom half of the first the Bucs scored three runs, highlighted by RBI double from Johnathon Bruno and run-scoring single from Davis Childers.


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Berkeley Prep’s John Dooley returner to the mound with the lead in hand and shut the Terrapins down for the next four innings, finishing with seven strikeouts and only allowing three hits.

“I just needed to settle down a little bit and control myself,” Dooley said, after the game.

He added that his curveball was working tonight saying, “last year it wasn’t very good, but this year its working well. The rest of the year I just need to I need to keep attacking the batters and getting better.”

Ian Brown threw the last two innings for Berkeley Prep and finished with three strikeouts.

Buccaneers head coach Richie Warren called the game, “a big District win for this team.”

Next up Tampa Prep has an away game Tuesday at Calvary Christian, and the Buccaneers host Tampa Catholic next Tuesday.

– Kip Kerrick is a longtime veteran umpire in Hillsborough County, who is joining us on the reporting side this season. Follow Kip as he conquers the Twitter-verse at @Kip813Preps