Editor’s Note: The All-Western Conference teams are selected each year by area public school baseball coaches, and are split into three divisions base on geographic area.

American Division
(Alonso, Blake, Gaither, Jefferson, Leto, Plant, Robinson, Sickles, Steinbrenner)

First Team

Catcher: Danny Bernstein, Sickles, senior

Pitcher: Dylan Eskew, Sickles, senior

Pitcher: Christian Suarez, Leto, senior ^

First Base: Chase Centala, Sickles, junior

Infielder: J.D. Urso, Plant, senior ^

Infielder: Trey Bacon, Sickles, junior

Infielder: Donovan Garcia, Steinbrenner, junior ^

Outfielder: Tommy Malouf, Steinbrenner, senior

Outfielder: Frank Perez, Gaither, sophomore

Outfielder: Renzo Gonzalez, Alonso, sophomore ^

Utility/DH: Michael Swanson, Robinson, senior

Second Team

Catcher: Reece Blanco, Plant, junior
Pitcher: Michael Dominguez, Jefferson, senior
Pitcher: Sam Drumheller, Alonso, junior
First Base: Tayden Hall, Steinbrenner, sophomore
Infielder: Javy Hernandez, Leto, senior
Infielder: Andrew Lara, Alonso, senior
Infielder: RJ Gutierrez, Leto, sophomore
Outfielder: Gabe Rincones, Plant, senior
Outfielder: Koby Fogg, Robinson, senior
Outfielder: Damien Breton, Leto, sophomore
Utility/DH: Sebastian Greico, Gaither, senior

American Division Coach of the Year: Eric Luksis, Sickles


Federal Division
(Bloomingdale, Brandon, Durant, East Bay, Lennard, Newsome, Plant City, Riverview, Spoto)

First Team

^ Catcher: Brock Wilken, Bloomingdale, junior

Pitcher: Parker Messick, Plant City, senior

Pitcher: Yazael Nunez, Lennard, senior

^ First Base: Brendan Herrick, Riverview, senior
Infielder: Cade Shissler, Plant City, senior ^

Infielder: Jackson Hobbs, Bloomingdale, junior

Infielder: Macallister Jorgensen, Riverview, junior

Outfielder: Bryce Hazzard, Bloomingdale, senior

Outfielder: Dominic Gonnella, Bloomingdale, junior

Outfielder: Ahmad Fitts, Durant, junior

^ Utility/DH: Tyler Dowdy, Plant City, junior

Second Team

Catcher: Levi Montero, Lennard, senior
Pitcher: Jarod Wingo, Plant City, junior
Pitcher: Nathan Hood, Durant, senior
First Base: Cole Cothren, Plant City, junior
Infielder: Cade Afeld, Newsome, junior
Infielder: Matthew Masse, Riverview, senior
Infielder: Adrian Munoz, Lennard, senior
Outfielder: Zach Benson, Newsome, senior
Outfielder: Dillon Besnier, Riverview, senior
Outfielder: Brendan Queen, Durant, senior
Utility/DH: Ben Migliarese, Riverview, senior

Federal Division Coach of the Year: Mike Fryrear, Plant City

National Division
(Armwood, Chamberlain, Freedom, Hillsborough, King, Middleton, Strawberry Crest, Tampa Bay Tech, Wharton)

First Team

Catcher: Joey Parrillo, Strawberry Crest, senior ^

Pitcher: Brian Baughman, Wharton, senior

^ Pitcher: Alex Marshall, Strawberry Crest, senior

First Base: Tanner Kelley, Strawberry Crest, senior

Infielder: Zach Ehrhard, Wharton, sophomore

Infielder: Brylan West, Freedom, junior

Infielder: Grady Maguire, Wharton, junior

Outfielder: Terence Doston, Hillsborough, senior ^

Outfielder: Tyler Castelli, Armwood, junior

^ Outfielder: Joe Lewis, Tampa Bay Tech, senior

Utility/DH: Trevor Finan, Armwood, junior

Second Team

Catcher: Coleton Calleja, Wharton, sophomore
Pitcher: Mitchell Leroy, Freedom, senior
Pitcher: Zan Rose, King, junior
First Base: Manuel Maldonado, Armwood, junior
Infielder: Jose Figueroa, Tampa Bay Tech, junior
Infielder: Caleb Christianson, Armwood, junior
Infielder: Ryan Dell, Strawberry Crest, senior
Outfielder: Ben Pues, Strawberry Crest, senior
Outfielder: Christian Tate, Armwood, junior
Outfielder: Chris Tavarez, Armwood, senior
Utility/DH: Jacob Cordell, King, senior

National Division Coach of the Year: Scott Hoffman, Wharton