Photo Gallery

We enjoyed every minute being out at Ben Pues’ Mini Fenway Park in Plant City, FL for the Hillsborough Wiffle Brawl ’20, we hope you enjoyed our coverage across all of our social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We stacked as much live action as we could, but we also captured a ton of action from the first five days of the event on camera.

Though we’ll have a complete breakdown of the championship final, which saw Plant City square off against Strawberry Crest-Black, including tons of great photos from Mike Camunas and a wrap-up of the three-game series, on this site on Monday. We decided to share our photos from the pool-play, quarterfinal and semifinal rounds in this gallery.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these shots, please review our “Photo Policy” at the top of our website, and though we normally charge $10 for a digital copy of a photo, we are knocking that price down a bit. We’re offering individual shots at $7 apiece, and five shots for $25. Please review our policy and how to contact us for purchasing and note the photo numbers in the caption when ordering.

Monday, June 15

Tuesday, June 16

Wednesday, June 17

Thursday, June 18

Friday, June 19